Svetlana Zelepukina (Світлана Зелепукіна) was born August 16th, 1980
in the former Kirovohrad, Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic
Club: Kirovohrad “Dynamo”
Retired: March 1997

Svetlana is the 1996 Ukrainian March and June National Champion. She was a hard worker, and was always down to business, but that never prevented her from having laughing, and joking around during practice. In Ukraine she was considered the “Next Gutsu”; due to her great power, and poise. Many people in Ukraine thought she could win the All Around in Atlanta, but due to an Ankle Injury she had to downgrade her routines severely on the floor, and vault. She is still regarded as one of the best Ukrainian Gymnast to date, even though she never got to show her major skills Internationally.

Svetlana started training gymnastics late at age 8.

Svetlana was coached by Oleksandra Sirenko, Natasha Sirenko’s mother.

Her favorite event to train and compete was the Balance Beam, because it gave here a thrill and a high.

The skill she hated doing most on beam was Round Off – Back Handspring – Double Back

Svetlana was training in 1996 on beam an Side Aerial – LOSO – LOSO – LOSO; Vault she was training a Double Twisting Yurchenko; and on Floor a Full Twisting Double Layout, and a Front Full to Front Rudi.

Svetlana was forced to retire in 1997, due to going blind in one eye. She had the eye fixed in 1998 and now has vision in both her eyes.

Svetlana now lives in Tel Aviv, Isreal, and has one daughter. She has no jewish ties.

Svetlana’s Nicknames:

Ukrainian: Світлана Зелепукіна
Russian: Светлана Зелепукина
Ukrainian to English: Svitlana Zelepukina
Russian to English: Svetlana Zelepukina

Gymnast Personal Preferred Spelling:
Svetlana Zelepukina

Ukrainian Cup and National Achievements:
1995 July and September Ukrainian National Champion
1996 January, and March Ukrainian National Champion
1996 Ukrainian Olympic Trials Champion

Common Incorrect Spelling’s:
Svetlana Zelepoukina