Olha (Olga) Oleksandrovna Teslenko was born May 23rd, 1981
in formerly called Kirovohrad, Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic
Club: Kirovohrad “Dynamo”

Olha “Olya” Oleksandrovna, was a gymnast from 1996 to 2000. She was know somewhat as the all important “Team Leader” in her later years as a gymnast. Her strongest events were on Uneven Bars, and Balance Beam. After retirement she became a choreographer and coach up until 2003, then she went to work for Cirque Du Soleil.

Ol’ha now works in Minsk, Belarus as one of the coaches for the Belarussian Gymnastics Team. She also is a judge for Ukraine.

Olha was being trained by Svitlana Kutsenko ever since she was
6 years old.

Asymmetric bars were Olha’s favorite piece of apparatus, she hated vaulting.

Olha went to to the Kyiv University of Sports and Physical Culture.

Olha now lives in Minsk, Belarus. She has 2 boys, and a husband. She also is a gymnastics trainer, and helps coach some top Belorussian Women Gymnast.

Olha choreographs, and coaches for many Belorussian gymnast who are at the Elite/International level.

Olga’s Nicknames:

Ukrainian: Ольга Тесленко
Russian: Ольга Тесленко
Ukrainian to English: Olha Teslenko
Russian to English: Olga Teslenko