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Ukraine’s Women’s National Team 2021

Main: Daniela Batrona (2006) – RivneAnastasiya Bachynska (2003) – Ternopil Diana Varinska (2001) – KyivYelizaveta Hubareva (2004) – DnipropetrovskAn’helina Deineka (2004) – Kirovo’hradViktoriya Ivanenko (2005) – Kirovo’hradOleksandra Korzh (2001) – KyivKaterina Kuliniy (2004) – Ivano FrankivskDarya Liska (2006) – KharkivAnastasiya Motak (2004) – KharkivDariya Murzhak (2004) – KyivValeriya Osipova (2001) – KyivDiana Savelyeva (2004) – […]

1996 May Ukrainian Closed Nationals

Just a control training, but scored. Nothing much really. Things to note:Inga Shkarupa (Ternopil) stayed in Junior Team but competed with Senior’sOlga Teslenko (Kirovohrad) moved from Junior Team to Senior Team Day 1 (Compulsories) Rank Name Year and Town Club Trainer VT UB BB FX Total 1st Podkopayeva, Lilia 1978 Donetsk Dynamo Lozynska, Halyna 9.650 […]

2000 June Closed Ukrainian Nationals

This is basically control training but with scores. Rank Name Year and Town Club Trainer VT UB BB FX Total 1st Shkarupa, Inha 1981 Ternopil Dynamo Gorbach, Zinaida Ivanovna 9.650 9.700 9.750 9.900 39.000 2nd Roschupkina, Olha 1984 Zaporozhya Ukrainia Lutyaenko, Viktor 9.200 9.750 9.800 9.550 38.300 3rd Yarosh, Tatiana 1984 Kirovohrad Dynamo Kutsenko, Svetlana […]

2000 April Closed Ukrainian Selection Senior Competition

This competition was used to help select the Senior European Championships Team. Qualifications Rank Name Year and Town Club Trainer VT UB BB FX Total 1st Shkarupa, Inha 1981 Ternopil Dynamo Gorbach, Zinaida Ivanovna 9.350 9.450 9.650 9.800 38.250 2nd Karpenko, Viktoriya 1982 Kherson Dynamo Ostapenko, Oleh 9.500 9.650 9.450 9.600 38.200 3rd Roschupkina, Olha […]

Gymnast Updates: August 8th 2020

In late June, all of the Juniors and Seniors returned to Koncha Zaspa, Ukraine’s Women’s and Men’s Training Center. It’s been over a month, and I have some updates on training and how everyone is progressing. There will also be a scored Control Training results coming soon. I do not know when I will release […]

True or False!?!?

Welcome to the first installment of “True or False!?!?!”. Where you ask and I answer. Q: Was it true that Viktoria Karpenko was going to make a comeback for Ukraine in 2001? A: Yes! She was originally going to try to come back for Ukraine in 2001. Unfortunately she wasn’t up to same level where […]

Why Did Ukraine Only Compete With 4 Gymnast at 1997 Worlds?

Well.. This answer is very involved. There are a lot of reasons why they didn’t pull in Alternates. First injury happened with Podkopayeva. She went to 97 Worlds coming back from an Injury. Ostapenko and her personal coach were originally gonna only have her do Uneven Bars, and Balance Beam due to the injury she […]

2020 Senior Ukrainian National Team Members

I will be only mentioning the ones that I believe who could possibly make a Euro’s or World Team, or go to a World Cup. Anastasiia Motak – Anastasiia just turned senior this year (2004). Anastasiia’s strong points are Vault, and Floor. Her Balance Beam routine is ok, just currently inconsistent. The bar’s is her […]

Valeriia Osipova (UKR) Interview May 2020

I got a chance to talk with Valeriia Osipova (UKR). We talked about how she got into Gymnastics, and her experiences through the sport. The ups and downs. Q: How old were you when you started gymnastics? and how did you get into the sport? Valeriia: I started at 5 years old, my parents took […]

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