Information on Stella Zakharova 2021 Ukraine International Cup

Ukraine’s 2021 International Cup will take place this weekend on May 22nd and 23rd. On May 22nd there will be a team competition as well as an all around competition. On May 23rd there will be an event final compeition for both men and women.

Above is the stream for both days of competition. From my understanding the stream is free but if you want to watch in 1080p, you can subscribe for a $0.05 cents (USD) for a 1 month trial. I will also more than likely be posting videos of the women competition on YouTube.

Times for each event is listed below:

May 22nd:
9:30 – 11:30 (2:30am start EST) – Men’s Team / AA / Qualification for Event Finals Subdivsion 1
12:30-14:30 (5:30am start EST) – Men’s Team / AA / Qualification for Event Finals Subdivsion 2
15:20-17:50 (8:20am start EST) – Women’s Team / AA / Qualification for Event Finals Subdivsion 1

May 23rd:
11:50 – 18:00 (4:50 start EST) – Men, Women, Junior’s Event Finals

Ukraine’s Women’s National Team 2021


Daniela Batrona (2006) – Rivne
Anastasiya Bachynska (2003) – Ternopil
Diana Varinska (2001) – Kyiv
Yelizaveta Hubareva (2004) – Dnipropetrovsk
An’helina Deineka (2004) – Kirovo’hrad
Viktoriya Ivanenko (2005) – Kirovo’hrad
Oleksandra Korzh (2001) – Kyiv
Katerina Kuliniy (2004) – Ivano Frankivsk
Darya Liska (2006) – Kharkiv
Anastasiya Motak (2004) – Kharkiv
Dariya Murzhak (2004) – Kyiv
Valeriya Osipova (2001) – Kyiv
Diana Savelyeva (2004) – Kirovo’hrad
Yana Fedorova (1998) – Kyiv

A personal suprise for me was that An’helina Radivilova was not on the list. This doesn’t mean she retired though, it could mean many things. She might just have taken a small break after Europeans, as this list came out in early January 2021. I have no reason to suspect that she has retired, we will have to see if she competes at National Championships scheduled for April 2nd to 7th (SUBJECT TO CHANGE). If she does not show up there, I will investigate deeper.


Anastasiya Aleksandrova (2008) – Cherkasy
Ruslana Beztilna (2006) – Ivano Frankivsk
Mariya Borisova (2005) – Zaporozhye
Valeriya Horanska (2007) – Kyiv
Polina Dyachenko (2008) – Donetsk
Bo’hdana Zhhut (2007) – Kyiv
Anastasiya Zubkova (2008) – Donetsk
Tetyana Krylova (2007) – Ivano Frankivsk
Ilona Krypa (2007) – Lviv
Anna Lashchevska (2007) – Ivano Frankivsk
Dariya Radkevich (2007) – Kyiv
Karina Ridetska (2007) – Khmelnytskyi
Diana Stadnik (2007) – Cherkasy
Anna Kharchenko (2005) – Cherkasy
Sofia Shapovalova (2003) – Kirovohrad

The candidates are people who might be able to move onto the main team in the future. Most of these girls are juniors. I am going to be following Anna Lashchevska (2007) from Ivano Frankivsk scores very closely. She is coached by Yuliya Kayukova who coaches Motak, Radivilova, and Varinska. She had very good scores at last years national competitions, and I have seen some videos of her and she seems to have very good difficult already built up.


Kristina Hrudetska (2010) – Khmelnytskyi
Marianna Kinyuk (2008) – Ivano Frankivsk
Marina Klishchevska (2009) – Ivano Frankivsk
Bo’hdana Kovalova (2010) – Kyiv
Oleksandra Kuzmenko (2009) – Kyiv
Anatasiya Lev (2010) – Kyiv
Sofiya Matyushenko (2008) – Kirovohrad
Vira Nechytaylo (2009) – Zaporozhye
Sofiya Neshcheretna (2008) – Zaporozhye
Diana Protsenko (2010) – Cherkasy
Alina Pryadka (2009) – Kirovohrad
Katerina Romanyuk (2010) – Rivnenska
Veronika Serbina (2009) – Kirovohrad
Darya Chorna (2009) – Kyiv
Marta Chefranova (2008) – Ivan Frankivsk

The reserve list is mostly made up of 2009’s and 2010’s who are working their way onto the candidates list. The 2009’s and 2010’s look very good in my opinion. They are very strong, and I think many of them are going to be great juniors and seniors. Nobody really stands out right now in my opinion but in a year or two you will begin to see some of them stand out.

1996 May Ukrainian Closed Nationals

Just a control training, but scored. Nothing much really.

Things to note:
Inga Shkarupa (Ternopil) stayed in Junior Team but competed with Senior’s
Olga Teslenko (Kirovohrad) moved from Junior Team to Senior Team

Day 1 (Compulsories)

RankNameYear and TownClubTrainerVTUBBBFXTotal
1stPodkopayeva, Lilia1978 DonetskDynamoLozynska, Halyna9.6509.8509.8509.95039.300
2ndZelepukina, Svetlana1980 KirovohradDynamoSirenko, Oleksandra Aleksandrovna9.9009.8009.4509.90039.050
3rdMirgorodskaya, Anna1980 OdessaUkrainiaMirgorodskay, Anatoily9.7009.7009.6009.65038.650
4thShkarupa, Inha1981 TernopilDynamoGorbach, Zinaida Ivanovna9.7509.7509.2509.70038.450
4thKnizhnik, Oksana1977 KievDynamoGorbach, Zinaida Ivanovna9.6509.0009.9509.85038.450
6thShapornaya, Olena1979 KievDynamoOstapenko, Oleg Vasilevich9.3509.4509.4509.65038.050
7thKarpenko, Viktoriya1982 KievDynamoOstapenko, Oleg Vasilevich9.6509.7008.8509.70037.900
8thTeslenko, Olha1981 KirovohradDynamoKutsenko, Svetlana Vladimirovna8.5509.8009.8009.65037.800
9thSheremeta, Lybouv1981 LvivUkrainiaKorolenko, Liudmila Pavlovna8.0008.9507.9509.45034.350
10thBoulakhova, Iryna1978 KievUkrainia?0.0009.8009.6500.0019.450

Day 2 (Optional)

RankNameYear and TownClubTrainerComp.VTUBBBFXTotalCombined
1stZelepukina, Svetlana1980 KirovohradDynamoSirenko, Aleksandra Aleksandrovna39.0509.8509.75010.0009.95039.55078.600
2ndPodkopayeva, Lilia1978 DonetskDynamoLozynska, Halyna39.3009.7509.7009.8509.85039.15078.450
3rdMirgorodskaya, Anna1980 OdessaUkrainiaMirgorodskay, Anatoily38.6509.7509.9009.8009.75039.20077.850
4thKnizhnik, Oksana1977 KievDynamoGorbach, Zinaida Ivanovna38.4509.6009.50010.0009.70038.80077.250
5thKarpenko, Viktoriya1982 KievDynamoOstapenko, Oleg Vasilevich37.9009.8509.7009.7509.60038.95076.850
6thShapornaya, Olena1979 KievDynamoOstapenko, Oleg Vasilevich38.0509.5509.7009.5509.70038.50076.550
7thShkarupa, Inha1981 TernopilDynamoGorbach, Zinaida Ivanovna38.4509.7759.6509.0009.65038.07576.525
8thTeslenko, Olha1981 KirovohradDynamoKutsenko, Svetlana Vladimirovna37.8009.4009.8509.8509.50038.60076.400
9thSheremeta, Lybouv1981 LvivUkrainiaKorolenko, Liudmila Pavlovna34.3509.6879.8009.6009.85038.93773.287
10thBoulakhova, Iryna1978 KievUkrainia?19.4500.0000.0000.0000.0019.45019.450

2000 June Closed Ukrainian Nationals

This is basically control training but with scores.

RankNameYear and TownClubTrainerVTUBBBFXTotal
1stShkarupa, Inha1981 TernopilDynamoGorbach, Zinaida Ivanovna9.6509.7009.7509.90039.000
2ndRoschupkina, Olha1984 ZaporozhyaUkrainiaLutyaenko, Viktor9.2009.7509.8009.55038.300
3rdYarosh, Tatiana1984 KirovohradDynamoKutsenko, Svetlana Vladimirovna9.7009.0009.7009.85038.250
3rdKarpenko, Viktoriya1982 KhersonDynamoOstapenko, Oleh9.5509.6009.5509.55038.250
5thSirenko, Natalia1983 KirvohradDynamoSirenko, Aleksandra Aleksandrovna9.1009.5509.7509.70038.100
6thTeslenko, Olha1981 KirovohradDynamoKutsenko, Svetlana Vladimirovna8.7009.9009.8509.35037.800
7thHorodny, Natalia1984 LvivUkrainiaPataman, Mikhail Mikhailovich9.4509.7008.9509.30037.400
8thTyryk, Galina1980 LvivUkrainiaKorolenko, Liudmila Pavlovna8.3009.4009.5009.30036.500
9thKvasha, Alona1984 CherkassiUkrainiaKoryakina, Nadezhda Petrovna9.6508.7008.2007.75034.300

2000 April Closed Ukrainian Selection Senior Competition

This competition was used to help select the Senior European Championships Team.


RankNameYear and TownClubTrainerVTUBBBFXTotal
1stShkarupa, Inha1981 TernopilDynamoGorbach, Zinaida Ivanovna9.3509.4509.6509.80038.250
2ndKarpenko, Viktoriya1982 KhersonDynamoOstapenko, Oleh9.5009.6509.4509.60038.200
3rdRoschupkina, Olha1984 ZaporozhyaUkrainiaLutyaenko, Viktor9.1009.6509.7509.35037.800
4thYarosh, Tatiana1984 KirovohradDynamoKutsenko, Svetlana Vladimirovna9.4508.9509.6509.70037.750
5thTeslenko, Olha1984 KirovohradDynamoKutsenko, Svetlana Vladimirovna8.9009.8009.8009.20037.700
6thHorodny, Natalia1984 LvivUkrainiaPataman, Mikhail Mikhailovich9.2509.5509.0009.35037.150
6thTyryk, Galina1980 LvivUkrainiaKorolenko, Liudmila Pavlovna9.0009.4509.4509.25037.150
8thKvasha, Alona1984 CherkassiUkrainiaKoryakina, Nadezhda Petrovna9.7009.5509.1508.55036.950
9thSirenko, Natalia1983 KirvohradDynamoSirenko, Aleksandra Aleksandrovna8.9009.1009.4509.45036.900
10thAgafonova, Karina1984 KharkivDynamo?8.2008.5008.8008.80034.3
11thAndreshkova, Oksana1984 OdessaArmy Sports ClubOstapenko, Oleg Vasilevich0.0000.0009.2000.0009.200


RankNameYear and TownClubTrainerQualsVTUBBBFXTotalComb.
1stShkarupa, Inha1981 TernopilDynamoGorbach, Zinaida Ivanovna38.2509.450*9.500*9.6009.85038.40076.650
2ndRoschupkina, Olha1984 ZaporozhyaUkrainiaLutyaenko, Viktor37.8009.2509.8009.9009.55038.50076.300
3rdKarpenko, Viktoriya1982 KhersonDynamoOstapenko, Oleh38.2009.6009.6009.400*9.45038.05076.250
4thYarosh, Tatiana1984 KirovohradDynamoKutsenko, Svetlana Vladimirovna37.7509.5009.2009.6009.75038.05075.800
4thTeslenko, Olha1984 KirovohradDynamoKutsenko, Svetlana Vladimirovna37.7009.1009.7509.8509.40038.10075.800
6thHorodny, Natalia1984 LvivUkrainiaPataman, Mikhail Mikhailovich37.150*9.350*9.550*9.150*9.35037.40074.550
7thTyryk, Galina1980 LvivUkrainiaKorolenko, Liudmila Pavlovna37.1508.9509.5509.5009.30037.30074.450
8thSirenko, Natalia1983 KirvohradDynamoSirenko, Aleksandra Aleksandrovna36.9009.1009.2009.5509.50037.35074.250
9thKvasha, Alona1984 CherkassiUkrainiaKoryakina, Nadezhda Petrovna36.9509.3009.5508.9509.05036.85073.800
10thAgafonova, Karina1984 KharkivDynamo?34.30.0000.0000.0000.0000.00034.300
11thAndreshkova, Oksana1984 OdessaArmy Sports ClubOstapenko, Oleg Vasilevich9.2000.0000.0009.3500.0009.35018.550
* = Lower Start Value than Day 1

Even after finishing 1st; Shkarupa (Ternopil) was left off the team. Reason Unknown.

Gymnast Updates: August 8th 2020

In late June, all of the Juniors and Seniors returned to Koncha Zaspa, Ukraine’s Women’s and Men’s Training Center. It’s been over a month, and I have some updates on training and how everyone is progressing.

There will also be a scored Control Training results coming soon. I do not know when I will release it but hopefully it will be right after.

It’s important to note when Ukraine was placed under quarantine that the gymnast were sent to their hometowns to quarantine. Some of the girls hometowns were under strict lock down, and they could not train for awhile. While some hometowns were not completely on lock down, and the girls could train in their hometown’s club.

Diana Varinska was the only gymnast who had the choice to stay at Koncha Zaspa and train, or go home and train at her cities gymnastics club. Diana decided to go home for a couple weeks, to rest a small injury then go back to Koncha Zaspa with her coach. Diana was the only gymnast at Koncha Zaspa training for a couple weeks, then the male gymnast came back mid-June, then all the girls came back in late-June. Diana was the only gymnast to stay on track, and is currently training full difficulty expect on Floor.

Anastasiia Bachynska comes from the city of Ternopil which was on strict lock down. Early-June, she started training in her home city gym. Where Anastasiia was not trained by her regular coach, but by the Ternopil coach, that had her before releasing her to Koncha Zaspa. It was said that Anastasiia was not taking training seriously, and was slacking for a couple weeks. She later got back on track, and was accepted in Koncha Zaspa later than the other girls. It is currently reported that Anastasiia is now on track, but currently way far behind the other girls in terms of getting back in the same shape she was. She isn’t doing her full difficulty on any event currently, and is mostly focusing on conditioning.

Daria Murzhak was injured before the quarantine, so it actually gave her time to rest and get back to a healthy shape. She started going to training in her own story in mid-May, and returned back to Koncha Zaspa in Late June. From what I have heard Daria has improved greatly on Uneven Bars, and Balance Beam in terms of execution and difficulty. I cant wait to see what she has prepared.

Valeriia Osipova took the break as a sort of mental and physical break. It seems like it has worked, and she has been improving tremendously. Has a couple new bar skills, and beam skills. Overall looking very good. She has been having troubles with her ankles as of late, but nothing to big and nothing really to worry about. It’s nice to see Valeriia finally reaching her full potential and let’s hope she stays healthy.

Anhelina Radivilova went into quarantine needing a break, weeks before quarantine. She was struggling with a nagging ankle injury. Now, she is back training, and is doing well. Nothing really new with her. Still Training her normal skills.

Kateryna Kulinii went into the quarantine with an injury. Another gymnast who needed somewhat a break, and it has worked. She is looking very good. Trying to add new skills to Uneven Bars and Balance Beam. Has been working on Vault as well.

These are the gymnast who I currently have good detailed updates on. I will for sure be checking to see if I can get any other updates. Thanks for reading!

True or False!?!?

Welcome to the first installment of “True or False!?!?!”. Where you ask and I answer.

Q: Was it true that Viktoria Karpenko was going to make a comeback for Ukraine in 2001?

A: Yes! She was originally going to try to come back for Ukraine in 2001. Unfortunately she wasn’t up to same level where she was and eventually moved to Bulgaria where she got citizenship, and began to compete for Bulgaria at 2003 World Championships, and 2006 World Championships.

Q: Was it true that Lilia Podkopayeva was gonna try for 1999 World Championships?

A: No. I do not even know why this rumor got started because Podkopayeva had already moved to the USA, and lived in Florida.

Q: Is it true that Inga Shkarupa get a new floor routine in April of 2000?

A: Yes! She did. I have heard its really good.

Q: Is it true that Oksana Knizhnik was training 4 layout step out’s on Balance Beam?

A: YES! I will be getting video of when she preformed it at 95 Ukrainian Nationals, someday soon.

Q: Is it true that Lilia Podkopayeva’s floor music was specially made from a Orchestra?

A: Yes, If I remember correctly an Orchestra in Kiev made it specially for Lilia. I will have to ask to make sure. I will keep you all updated.

Q: Is it true that Lilia Podkopayeva was injured at 1995 Gymnix?

A: Yes. She had a sore back.

Thanks for reading! Make sure to ask questions! and I will try to respond next time!

Why Did Ukraine Only Compete With 4 Gymnast at 1997 Worlds?

Well.. This answer is very involved.
There are a lot of reasons why they didn’t pull in Alternates.

First injury happened with Podkopayeva. She went to 97 Worlds coming back from an Injury. Ostapenko and her personal coach were originally gonna only have her do Uneven Bars, and Balance Beam due to the injury she suffered not long before Worlds. Then in a practice session before Qualifications she re-injured herself and withdrew. The Ukrainian Team decided they could just compete with just 5 and everyone could do the All Around. Then Karpenko injured her hand the day before Qualifications. Karpenko went right to the hospital, and had her hand checked out. The doctors confirmed that It was a broken finger that ran up into her hand, and she could not compete. The Ukrainian Federation had already submitted their Start List for the competition, while Karpenko was at the Hospital. Therefore they could not fly out there alternate and put them in the Competition.

Ukraine’s original plan for the Team Qualification was:

Galina TyrykLilia PodkopayevaLybouv SheremetaGalina Tyryk
Olga TeslenkoViktoria KarpenkoLilia PodkopayevaOlga Teslenko
Lybouv SheremetaLybouv SheremetaViktoria KarpenkoViktoria Karpenko
Viktoria KarpenkoInga ShkarupaInga ShkarupaInga Shkarupa
Inga ShkarupaOlga TeslenkoOlga TeslenkoLybouv Sheremeta

Now, some people might find it weird that Inga Shkarupa was after Viktoria Karpenko on floor originally. The reason behind this from what I have heard was that Karpenko was rather inconsistent on her Floor Routine, and would fall a lot on it. They used Inga Shkarupa who is rather consistent on floor, and has a good solid routine to raise that score up for Sheremeta so that Sheremeta could score the highest, as possible. Back during the 10.0 Scoring System if a Gymnast fell and got a low score the next gymnast would often get a lower score than usual. To outweigh this they would often hide a gymnast and put them last or put them in the middle or in the beginning of the rotation so that it doesn’t damage the strongest Gymnast score. In this case Inga Shkarupa was used as a buffer for Sheremeta just in case Karpenko would fall.

Why didn’t they originally take their Alternates with them? Well… What was the point? They knew if Podkopayeva was too injured to compete they would have just used everyone’s AA scores. Plus, they would have to pay for 2 extra airfares and hotel rooms. For what? Just to take them and possibly never use them in the team? So that’s why they didn’t take them…

Now time for my personal opinion… I think Ukraine should have at least won the Bronze, if not the Silver. Romania during these championships were often given way too high scores. My results would have been 1st RUS- 2nd UKR or CHN – 3rd CHN or UKR… Had Ukraine had Karpenko. I think they could have maybe challenged for the Gold Medal had they all hit there routines.. This team was possibly the most consistent Ukrainian Team that they had to this date. I will maybe do a blog post on these World’s soon. Who knows? 🙂

What do you think? Comment down below! Thanks for reading! See you all soon!

2020 Senior Ukrainian National Team Members

I will be only mentioning the ones that I believe who could possibly make a Euro’s or World Team, or go to a World Cup.

Anastasiia Motak – Anastasiia just turned senior this year (2004). Anastasiia’s strong points are Vault, and Floor. Her Balance Beam routine is ok, just currently inconsistent. The bar’s is her weakest event at the moment. She is a total All Around contender for Ukraine for a World Championships. She could also possibly make Vault Finals with her Double Twisting Yurchenko and with her Cheng Vault (no video, but a rumor). She is also training on vault an Amanar. Her Floor routine also is difficult. She has a Quad Twist (Not competed internationally yet.) A 3.5 Twist (competed at Ukrainian International Cup). Whip into Triple Twist, Full in, and a 2.5 punch front. A routine that could totally make an Event Finals one day.

Valeriia Osipova – Valeriia strongest events are Vault, and Floor. She is currently one of the most consistent on beam at the moment in Ukraine (which is very important, because beam is a make or break event for a World Championships) On vault she has been training a Double Twisting Yurchenko for 2.5 years now. She’s injured her elbow on it once. On floor she is training a Double Double Tuck, Double Layout, Double Twisting Double Layout, Full Twisting Double Layout, and a Triple Twist. If she upgrades her Floor routine and doing a Double Twisting Yurchenko I could see her making another World Championship team. She has improved uneven bars a lot, from what I have heard since 2019 Worlds.

Anastasiia Bachynska – The perfect all arounder that Ukraine has at the moment, she is equally strong on all events. On vault she is currently training Double Twisting Yurchenko. On Beam she is training a Aerial-Layout Stepout-Layout Stepout Combo series. On floor she has been training a Double Layout, and I have heard that she is training a Double Front 1/2!?! If anyone could confirm that, it would be appreciated! Nothing really new for Anastasiia, I just wish she could fix her beam construction. Thats really all.

Daria Murzhak – Last time I checked, Daria was on the Injured Team. I do not currently know her status. Im guessing by now, her injury is 100% healed from all the rest the Ukrainian athletes have been getting since being in Quarantine. Her strongest events are Balance Beam, which is refreshing to see. Her beam work reminds me of Irina Yarotska, and Mariya Livichikova. Daria was training on beam an Ondoi, and she was working on a Front Aerial to Front Tuck combo. The chance of her adding the Front Aerial to Front Tuck combo into her beam is very low, I dont think Ostapenko would like to take the risk of her falling off during a Team Event… Maybe during an Individual Cup? Her uneven bars, have gotten stronger as I have heard. Daria really needs to get that Yurchenko 1.5 to be on the World Team I believe. I dont think Ostapenko wants any specialist at the moment, he wants a good solid AA score. Daria also really needs to work on her twisting form on floor.

Angelina Radivilova – Angelina has improved greatly since 2016! She revealed a new bar routine at the 2019 Ukraine International Cup and preformed it at 2019 Worlds! She really needs to focus on cleaning it up, and I think it could really help Ukraine! Her strengths are Vault, and Floor. It was rumored that she was training a Cheng. She currently has a Double Twisting Yurchenko, and a Lopez. On floor she has a Whip-Whip-Flic-Double Arabian combo, but she really needs to work on the consistency on that. I am hoping we can see her go into the next quad!

Yelyzaveta Hubareva – Her strong points are floor, and she tends to have a solid beam set. Yelyzaveta has had a hard time with injuries and I hope she can hold on, hopefully not another Titarenko incident. On floor I have heard rumors of her training a Full In, and a 3.5. I dont really see her really becoming a cruical part unless she upgrades her Vault, and Uneven Bars.

Anhelina (Angelina) Deineka – Anhelina really needs to focus on upgrading Beam, Vault and Uneven Bars if she wants a chance to be on a Ukrainian World Team. She is pretty consistent, yet lacks difficulty. She has very nice lines on Beam and Uneven Bars, and her scores in international competition are very high in the execution department. Let’s hope she will upgrade, because honestly she is a beauty to watch.

Katerina Kulinii – Last I heard she had an injured back I believe, hopefully she has rested and recovered during the quarantine! Her strong event is Uneven Bars. She needs some work in the form department on beam, but on bars she is exquisite! She has a good difficult routine, and I could see her replacing Diana Varinska if she retires soon, and Katerina filling in her place nicely. Lets hope she can stay healthy as Senior, and I hope she can begin to improve on Balance Beam and Vault! If she does, I think she could become a good solid team member for Ukraine.

Diana Varinska – What do I need to say… Beautiful. I haven’t heard much of Diana. I mean she just competed at American Cup, and there really isnt much news about her. I cant see her NOT making a World team… She is there strongest Gymnast right now.

Tatiana Mokliak – I see her becoming a good team member for Ukraine on Beam, and Vault. She has good power on vault, but currently only has a Yurchenko Full Twist. Ukraine desperately needs a good team member on Vault, so I hope she will upgrade soon on there. Her floor is okay, not strong, but I hope she has improved from 2018 Euros. We just need to sit and wait to see her in a Ukrainian International Cup or Europeans.

Valeriia Osipova (UKR) Interview May 2020

I got a chance to talk with Valeriia Osipova (UKR). We talked about how she got into Gymnastics, and her experiences through the sport. The ups and downs.

Q: How old were you when you started gymnastics? and how did you get into the sport?

Valeriia: I started at 5 years old, my parents took me to the gym and I liked it.

Q: When did you realize your talent for the sport, and get serious about training?

Valeriia: I have always known that I had something special, and I have always been serious about training.

Q: What is your favorite part of gymnastics? The artistry or the acrobatic tumbling?

Valeriia: I believe that both must be present in gymnastics!

Q: When did you move to Koncha-Zaspa (the national team training center), What was the hardest part?

Valeriia: I first went there when I was 9 years old. Then I moved there at 14 years old. The hardest part was being away from home, I was sad and missed my family and my house.

Q: When Oleg Ostapenko came to Ukraine (after coaching in Brazil, since 2002), What did he change with training.

Valeriia: He set a training plan, and we had more hours and more repetitions of our routines. The whole mindset changed.

Q: In 2017 you went to Montreal for World Championships. What was you experience like there?

Valeriia: I was upset with my performance there because I made many silly mistakes. On another note, I did like the competition and it helped me gain international experience.

Q: In 2017 at Montreal World Championships. People said that your performances with you and your teammates, brought Ukrainian Gymnastics from the dead! What do you think about it.

Valeriia: I have not heard about this, but this humbles me.

Q: At European Championships in 2017, you had a rough time. When you went home what did you do to improve, and put yourself back on track.

Valeriia: It’s was hard to start training again after my performance at European Championships that year. My parents told me about my dreams and goals, and told me not to give up.

Q: You went to European Championships in 2018, The team went from 12th two years before to 5th! What was you and your teams reaction to getting 5th place?

Valeriia: We were very glad! We were very emotional, and knew that we had no place else to go but up! I went home and focused on working harder with my team, and wanted to add more complexity to my routines.

Q: When you arrived at 2018 Doha World Championships did you feel prepared? Was you and your teammates nervous?

Valeriia: Yes, we were very nervous after the 1st rotation. We moved to Uneven Bars. The judges monitors and computers lost power, and the venue lost half of its power. We stood there for 20 mintues. We were getting more nervous, as our body’s were cooling down due to not warming up. This can unbalance a team, and cause all sort of probelms, but we somewhat trained for this.

Q: So after the vault rotation, you went to uneven bars, and you stood around for 20 mintues without another warmup?

Valeriia: Yes, we didnt have much warm up time. It really affected the team’s moods and nerves which caused major mistakes.

Q: On balance beam, in your thrid rotation. You guys had a rough time. You guys had some falls, and major balance checks. Were you guys nervous after the uneven bar rotation.

Valeriia: Yes, a little. We were quite nervous after Uneven Bars, and that was carried over to Balance Beam.

Q: You recently got a new floor routine! Do you like it? Who choreographed it?

Valeriia: To be honest they change my floor routine back to my old one. They said it didnt suit me. The one I did at Stuttgart was made and choreographed by me.

Q: You guys went to Stuttgart World Championships, did you guys feel prepared and ready? How did you guys train for this event?

Valeriia: We did a lot of control training, and combination training. I felt ok, I tried to be positive as I could.

Q: At Worlds in Stuttgart you were the only gymnast on your team to not make a major mistake. Are you proud of this fact? Do you think you were scored fairly? Your marks were low even though you hit your routines.

Valeriia: I was upset with the scoring, and I felt I was 98% ready for this event.

Q: Many people say that Ukraine and Australia should have qualified to the Olympic Games with a full team. Do you and your teammates think you were scored fairly?

Valeriia: I would have loved to qualify to the Olympic Games, but there’s nothing to be done about it. The judges made their decisions and that’s it.

Q: Are you considering to continue doing Gymnastics? Do you want to continue training for the 2021 World Championships, and 2022 World Championships?

Valeriia: I plan to continue.

Q: Any new skills you want to inform everybody about?

Valeriia: On bars, I have a new release move, and a Full in dismount. On vault I have the Double Twisting Yurchenko. On floor, I am training a Double-Double.