Ukraine’s Women’s National Team 2021


Daniela Batrona (2006) – Rivne
Anastasiya Bachynska (2003) – Ternopil
Diana Varinska (2001) – Kyiv
Yelizaveta Hubareva (2004) – Dnipropetrovsk
An’helina Deineka (2004) – Kirovo’hrad
Viktoriya Ivanenko (2005) – Kirovo’hrad
Oleksandra Korzh (2001) – Kyiv
Katerina Kuliniy (2004) – Ivano Frankivsk
Darya Liska (2006) – Kharkiv
Anastasiya Motak (2004) – Kharkiv
Dariya Murzhak (2004) – Kyiv
Valeriya Osipova (2001) – Kyiv
Diana Savelyeva (2004) – Kirovo’hrad
Yana Fedorova (1998) – Kyiv

A personal suprise for me was that An’helina Radivilova was not on the list. This doesn’t mean she retired though, it could mean many things. She might just have taken a small break after Europeans, as this list came out in early January 2021. I have no reason to suspect that she has retired, we will have to see if she competes at National Championships scheduled for April 2nd to 7th (SUBJECT TO CHANGE). If she does not show up there, I will investigate deeper.


Anastasiya Aleksandrova (2008) – Cherkasy
Ruslana Beztilna (2006) – Ivano Frankivsk
Mariya Borisova (2005) – Zaporozhye
Valeriya Horanska (2007) – Kyiv
Polina Dyachenko (2008) – Donetsk
Bo’hdana Zhhut (2007) – Kyiv
Anastasiya Zubkova (2008) – Donetsk
Tetyana Krylova (2007) – Ivano Frankivsk
Ilona Krypa (2007) – Lviv
Anna Lashchevska (2007) – Ivano Frankivsk
Dariya Radkevich (2007) – Kyiv
Karina Ridetska (2007) – Khmelnytskyi
Diana Stadnik (2007) – Cherkasy
Anna Kharchenko (2005) – Cherkasy
Sofia Shapovalova (2003) – Kirovohrad

The candidates are people who might be able to move onto the main team in the future. Most of these girls are juniors. I am going to be following Anna Lashchevska (2007) from Ivano Frankivsk scores very closely. She is coached by Yuliya Kayukova who coaches Motak, Radivilova, and Varinska. She had very good scores at last years national competitions, and I have seen some videos of her and she seems to have very good difficult already built up.


Kristina Hrudetska (2010) – Khmelnytskyi
Marianna Kinyuk (2008) – Ivano Frankivsk
Marina Klishchevska (2009) – Ivano Frankivsk
Bo’hdana Kovalova (2010) – Kyiv
Oleksandra Kuzmenko (2009) – Kyiv
Anatasiya Lev (2010) – Kyiv
Sofiya Matyushenko (2008) – Kirovohrad
Vira Nechytaylo (2009) – Zaporozhye
Sofiya Neshcheretna (2008) – Zaporozhye
Diana Protsenko (2010) – Cherkasy
Alina Pryadka (2009) – Kirovohrad
Katerina Romanyuk (2010) – Rivnenska
Veronika Serbina (2009) – Kirovohrad
Darya Chorna (2009) – Kyiv
Marta Chefranova (2008) – Ivan Frankivsk

The reserve list is mostly made up of 2009’s and 2010’s who are working their way onto the candidates list. The 2009’s and 2010’s look very good in my opinion. They are very strong, and I think many of them are going to be great juniors and seniors. Nobody really stands out right now in my opinion but in a year or two you will begin to see some of them stand out.

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