Gymnast Updates: August 8th 2020

In late June, all of the Juniors and Seniors returned to Koncha Zaspa, Ukraine’s Women’s and Men’s Training Center. It’s been over a month, and I have some updates on training and how everyone is progressing.

There will also be a scored Control Training results coming soon. I do not know when I will release it but hopefully it will be right after.

It’s important to note when Ukraine was placed under quarantine that the gymnast were sent to their hometowns to quarantine. Some of the girls hometowns were under strict lock down, and they could not train for awhile. While some hometowns were not completely on lock down, and the girls could train in their hometown’s club.

Diana Varinska was the only gymnast who had the choice to stay at Koncha Zaspa and train, or go home and train at her cities gymnastics club. Diana decided to go home for a couple weeks, to rest a small injury then go back to Koncha Zaspa with her coach. Diana was the only gymnast at Koncha Zaspa training for a couple weeks, then the male gymnast came back mid-June, then all the girls came back in late-June. Diana was the only gymnast to stay on track, and is currently training full difficulty expect on Floor.

Anastasiia Bachynska comes from the city of Ternopil which was on strict lock down. Early-June, she started training in her home city gym. Where Anastasiia was not trained by her regular coach, but by the Ternopil coach, that had her before releasing her to Koncha Zaspa. It was said that Anastasiia was not taking training seriously, and was slacking for a couple weeks. She later got back on track, and was accepted in Koncha Zaspa later than the other girls. It is currently reported that Anastasiia is now on track, but currently way far behind the other girls in terms of getting back in the same shape she was. She isn’t doing her full difficulty on any event currently, and is mostly focusing on conditioning.

Daria Murzhak was injured before the quarantine, so it actually gave her time to rest and get back to a healthy shape. She started going to training in her own story in mid-May, and returned back to Koncha Zaspa in Late June. From what I have heard Daria has improved greatly on Uneven Bars, and Balance Beam in terms of execution and difficulty. I cant wait to see what she has prepared.

Valeriia Osipova took the break as a sort of mental and physical break. It seems like it has worked, and she has been improving tremendously. Has a couple new bar skills, and beam skills. Overall looking very good. She has been having troubles with her ankles as of late, but nothing to big and nothing really to worry about. It’s nice to see Valeriia finally reaching her full potential and let’s hope she stays healthy.

Anhelina Radivilova went into quarantine needing a break, weeks before quarantine. She was struggling with a nagging ankle injury. Now, she is back training, and is doing well. Nothing really new with her. Still Training her normal skills.

Kateryna Kulinii went into the quarantine with an injury. Another gymnast who needed somewhat a break, and it has worked. She is looking very good. Trying to add new skills to Uneven Bars and Balance Beam. Has been working on Vault as well.

These are the gymnast who I currently have good detailed updates on. I will for sure be checking to see if I can get any other updates. Thanks for reading!

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