2020 Senior Ukrainian National Team Members

I will be only mentioning the ones that I believe who could possibly make a Euro’s or World Team, or go to a World Cup.

Anastasiia Motak – Anastasiia just turned senior this year (2004). Anastasiia’s strong points are Vault, and Floor. Her Balance Beam routine is ok, just currently inconsistent. The bar’s is her weakest event at the moment. She is a total All Around contender for Ukraine for a World Championships. She could also possibly make Vault Finals with her Double Twisting Yurchenko and with her Cheng Vault (no video, but a rumor). She is also training on vault an Amanar. Her Floor routine also is difficult. She has a Quad Twist (Not competed internationally yet.) A 3.5 Twist (competed at Ukrainian International Cup). Whip into Triple Twist, Full in, and a 2.5 punch front. A routine that could totally make an Event Finals one day.

Valeriia Osipova – Valeriia strongest events are Vault, and Floor. She is currently one of the most consistent on beam at the moment in Ukraine (which is very important, because beam is a make or break event for a World Championships) On vault she has been training a Double Twisting Yurchenko for 2.5 years now. She’s injured her elbow on it once. On floor she is training a Double Double Tuck, Double Layout, Double Twisting Double Layout, Full Twisting Double Layout, and a Triple Twist. If she upgrades her Floor routine and doing a Double Twisting Yurchenko I could see her making another World Championship team. She has improved uneven bars a lot, from what I have heard since 2019 Worlds.

Anastasiia Bachynska – The perfect all arounder that Ukraine has at the moment, she is equally strong on all events. On vault she is currently training Double Twisting Yurchenko. On Beam she is training a Aerial-Layout Stepout-Layout Stepout Combo series. On floor she has been training a Double Layout, and I have heard that she is training a Double Front 1/2!?! If anyone could confirm that, it would be appreciated! Nothing really new for Anastasiia, I just wish she could fix her beam construction. Thats really all.

Daria Murzhak – Last time I checked, Daria was on the Injured Team. I do not currently know her status. Im guessing by now, her injury is 100% healed from all the rest the Ukrainian athletes have been getting since being in Quarantine. Her strongest events are Balance Beam, which is refreshing to see. Her beam work reminds me of Irina Yarotska, and Mariya Livichikova. Daria was training on beam an Ondoi, and she was working on a Front Aerial to Front Tuck combo. The chance of her adding the Front Aerial to Front Tuck combo into her beam is very low, I dont think Ostapenko would like to take the risk of her falling off during a Team Event… Maybe during an Individual Cup? Her uneven bars, have gotten stronger as I have heard. Daria really needs to get that Yurchenko 1.5 to be on the World Team I believe. I dont think Ostapenko wants any specialist at the moment, he wants a good solid AA score. Daria also really needs to work on her twisting form on floor.

Angelina Radivilova – Angelina has improved greatly since 2016! She revealed a new bar routine at the 2019 Ukraine International Cup and preformed it at 2019 Worlds! She really needs to focus on cleaning it up, and I think it could really help Ukraine! Her strengths are Vault, and Floor. It was rumored that she was training a Cheng. She currently has a Double Twisting Yurchenko, and a Lopez. On floor she has a Whip-Whip-Flic-Double Arabian combo, but she really needs to work on the consistency on that. I am hoping we can see her go into the next quad!

Yelyzaveta Hubareva – Her strong points are floor, and she tends to have a solid beam set. Yelyzaveta has had a hard time with injuries and I hope she can hold on, hopefully not another Titarenko incident. On floor I have heard rumors of her training a Full In, and a 3.5. I dont really see her really becoming a cruical part unless she upgrades her Vault, and Uneven Bars.

Anhelina (Angelina) Deineka – Anhelina really needs to focus on upgrading Beam, Vault and Uneven Bars if she wants a chance to be on a Ukrainian World Team. She is pretty consistent, yet lacks difficulty. She has very nice lines on Beam and Uneven Bars, and her scores in international competition are very high in the execution department. Let’s hope she will upgrade, because honestly she is a beauty to watch.

Katerina Kulinii – Last I heard she had an injured back I believe, hopefully she has rested and recovered during the quarantine! Her strong event is Uneven Bars. She needs some work in the form department on beam, but on bars she is exquisite! She has a good difficult routine, and I could see her replacing Diana Varinska if she retires soon, and Katerina filling in her place nicely. Lets hope she can stay healthy as Senior, and I hope she can begin to improve on Balance Beam and Vault! If she does, I think she could become a good solid team member for Ukraine.

Diana Varinska – What do I need to say… Beautiful. I haven’t heard much of Diana. I mean she just competed at American Cup, and there really isnt much news about her. I cant see her NOT making a World team… She is there strongest Gymnast right now.

Tatiana Mokliak – I see her becoming a good team member for Ukraine on Beam, and Vault. She has good power on vault, but currently only has a Yurchenko Full Twist. Ukraine desperately needs a good team member on Vault, so I hope she will upgrade soon on there. Her floor is okay, not strong, but I hope she has improved from 2018 Euros. We just need to sit and wait to see her in a Ukrainian International Cup or Europeans.

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