Valeriia Osipova (UKR) Interview May 2020

I got a chance to talk with Valeriia Osipova (UKR). We talked about how she got into Gymnastics, and her experiences through the sport. The ups and downs.

Q: How old were you when you started gymnastics? and how did you get into the sport?

Valeriia: I started at 5 years old, my parents took me to the gym and I liked it.

Q: When did you realize your talent for the sport, and get serious about training?

Valeriia: I have always known that I had something special, and I have always been serious about training.

Q: What is your favorite part of gymnastics? The artistry or the acrobatic tumbling?

Valeriia: I believe that both must be present in gymnastics!

Q: When did you move to Koncha-Zaspa (the national team training center), What was the hardest part?

Valeriia: I first went there when I was 9 years old. Then I moved there at 14 years old. The hardest part was being away from home, I was sad and missed my family and my house.

Q: When Oleg Ostapenko came to Ukraine (after coaching in Brazil, since 2002), What did he change with training.

Valeriia: He set a training plan, and we had more hours and more repetitions of our routines. The whole mindset changed.

Q: In 2017 you went to Montreal for World Championships. What was you experience like there?

Valeriia: I was upset with my performance there because I made many silly mistakes. On another note, I did like the competition and it helped me gain international experience.

Q: In 2017 at Montreal World Championships. People said that your performances with you and your teammates, brought Ukrainian Gymnastics from the dead! What do you think about it.

Valeriia: I have not heard about this, but this humbles me.

Q: At European Championships in 2017, you had a rough time. When you went home what did you do to improve, and put yourself back on track.

Valeriia: It’s was hard to start training again after my performance at European Championships that year. My parents told me about my dreams and goals, and told me not to give up.

Q: You went to European Championships in 2018, The team went from 12th two years before to 5th! What was you and your teams reaction to getting 5th place?

Valeriia: We were very glad! We were very emotional, and knew that we had no place else to go but up! I went home and focused on working harder with my team, and wanted to add more complexity to my routines.

Q: When you arrived at 2018 Doha World Championships did you feel prepared? Was you and your teammates nervous?

Valeriia: Yes, we were very nervous after the 1st rotation. We moved to Uneven Bars. The judges monitors and computers lost power, and the venue lost half of its power. We stood there for 20 mintues. We were getting more nervous, as our body’s were cooling down due to not warming up. This can unbalance a team, and cause all sort of probelms, but we somewhat trained for this.

Q: So after the vault rotation, you went to uneven bars, and you stood around for 20 mintues without another warmup?

Valeriia: Yes, we didnt have much warm up time. It really affected the team’s moods and nerves which caused major mistakes.

Q: On balance beam, in your thrid rotation. You guys had a rough time. You guys had some falls, and major balance checks. Were you guys nervous after the uneven bar rotation.

Valeriia: Yes, a little. We were quite nervous after Uneven Bars, and that was carried over to Balance Beam.

Q: You recently got a new floor routine! Do you like it? Who choreographed it?

Valeriia: To be honest they change my floor routine back to my old one. They said it didnt suit me. The one I did at Stuttgart was made and choreographed by me.

Q: You guys went to Stuttgart World Championships, did you guys feel prepared and ready? How did you guys train for this event?

Valeriia: We did a lot of control training, and combination training. I felt ok, I tried to be positive as I could.

Q: At Worlds in Stuttgart you were the only gymnast on your team to not make a major mistake. Are you proud of this fact? Do you think you were scored fairly? Your marks were low even though you hit your routines.

Valeriia: I was upset with the scoring, and I felt I was 98% ready for this event.

Q: Many people say that Ukraine and Australia should have qualified to the Olympic Games with a full team. Do you and your teammates think you were scored fairly?

Valeriia: I would have loved to qualify to the Olympic Games, but there’s nothing to be done about it. The judges made their decisions and that’s it.

Q: Are you considering to continue doing Gymnastics? Do you want to continue training for the 2021 World Championships, and 2022 World Championships?

Valeriia: I plan to continue.

Q: Any new skills you want to inform everybody about?

Valeriia: On bars, I have a new release move, and a Full in dismount. On vault I have the Double Twisting Yurchenko. On floor, I am training a Double-Double.

3 thoughts on “Valeriia Osipova (UKR) Interview May 2020

  1. Thankyou!! It’s such a shame ostapenko left and for so long! It seems everything just fell apart after that? And what about lutayenko?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It didnt fall apart, because of ostapenko was not there. it was because of the lack of funding, but now thats resumed fully!


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